The Bingöl University central laboratory implementation and research center has been established on the covered area of 1000 m². Our building has been opened for usage as of the January 2012. Our central laboratory implementation and research center has the device, technical support and knowledge that the researchers need in their studies such as projects etc. with the updated technological and fundamental laboratory devices.

Integrating the R&D activities in the fundamental applied and interdisciplinary fields at the Bingöl University within the framework of the central organization; 

Realizing the working of researchers in all units of our university in an effective environment and increasing the quality of the scientific activities in the university;

Meeting the analysis needs of the universities, research centers, industry, public institutions and organizations and third persons within the possibilities of the center,

Ensuring the generation of the interdisciplinary scientific and technological projects with the industry and universities,

Increasing the project implementation potential of the university,

Providing the working environments appropriate to the day’s conditions by continuously following the technological developments;


Creating the working enthusiasm, generating scientific information and developing the opportunities of transformation to the technology.

It has adopted as a target for itself to be a science and technology center presenting the sustainable infrastructures to be service of the universities, public and special sector by establishing the sustainable infrastructures which allow the advanced level researches required for the development of the science and technology.